Restoring Normalcy: How Faithful Nurses Healthcare Can Assist with Everyday Activities

In-home care can reduce the stress level for everyone and help you enjoy the holidays like you did before.

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Restoring Normalcy: How Faithful Nurses Healthcare Can Assist with Everyday Activities

In home care can be stressful. Being matched with a caring professional from Faithful Nurses can alleviate that stress.

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Holiday Activities

Holidays can mean extra obligations. Keep it simple. Identify what activities mean the most to you. When you have your important activities identified, then you can focus on how to accommodate the needs of your home care situation. Faithful Nurses can match you with staff to stay with your loved ones while you spend some time at holiday activities.

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Plan Ahead

This holiday may be different and that’s okay. You can remember past holidays and still embrace the upcoming season. Think about the plans you have and how your loved ones' needs will fit with those plans. Will you need to change appointments or obtain medical supplies and prescriptions early to accommodate those plans? Do visitors need to come to your home? The care staff at Faithful Nurses can take some of the weight off your shoulders by assisting with care tasks.

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Healthy Eating

When a loved one is receiving in home care, it can be difficult for caregivers to look after their health. It is important to encourage enjoyment in any special holiday meals as well as healthy eating for everyone, every day. Try for a consistent meal schedule and keep favorites on hand.

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Know When to Get Help

The holidays can bring extra stress. You might need help if your loved one has declining health, medical equipment, or changing medical needs. Our nurses are trained to handle all patients with care and dignity while supporting their changing needs in their home environment. If you need home care services, contact Faithful Nurses for your customized home care needs.

Handling senior and hospice home care can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. Reach out to Faithful Nurses for extra home care assistance during the holidays and after.